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Little Mermaid on Broadway

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So, Disney is in search of the new Ariel for their Broadway show. They are going to several cities across the country. The closest one for me, unfortunately, is Philadelphia. Now, Philly isn’t inconvenient since both of our parents live outside the city in NJ, however getting there costs money we don’t really have.

What to do? It’s hard to explain how very badly I want to be the Little Mermaid. My closest friends and family know. I’m 2-3 inches too tall for the show in Disney World, so I had ultimately given up on my dream. Broadway, though is different. They can hire anyone, right?

Maybe I’ll start a fund. It’s only about $225 round trip.

UPDATE: a friend has donated miles!  Now it’ll only be $80!!

UPDATE: I’m going!!!


December always gets in the way of stuff

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It’s been way too long since I’ve updated!  I did stuff that pertains to this blog but never told you all about it.  That’s not nice of me.  People who actually read this might want to know!

Oh.  I chose not to audition for “Sound of Music.”  The theatre is so far away and my friend wasn’t going to be going out for it after all.  Plus, I kinda don’t like the show.  Sorry to all you die hards.

I did, however, audition for the Fantasticks.  That theatre was way closer and a friend of mine is directing it.  I dressed super cute and young and decided to go and rock it.  I got lost on the way.  Then I messed up a song I’m usally pretty awesome at.  Oops.  Thankfully, those involved know I’m  better than that and I got asked to return for callbacks.

I dressed even cuter for callbacks.  It was basically between 3 of us for the only girl role.  2 of us were “old” and married and 1 was super adorable and the actual age of Louisa.  We all gave our best performances and put our own spins on the character.  It was just a matter of who the lead boy would be.

As usual, my height and age doomed me.  The Matt that was chosen was shorter and way younger.  There’s no way I could have looked 16 next to him.  My friend went with the youngest girl for the role, as suspected.  Oh well!

I’m really freakin’ excited for my next audition:
Evil Dead the Musical.
There seriously could not be anything more awesome than that.

Auditions January 10th.
Details later!

In the meantime

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You certainly can’t just wait around for things to happen in this industry.  Since I have a few weeks before I find out anything on Sesame Street, I plan for my next theatre auditions locally.  I keep getting email after email for shows in and around the Charlotte area.  Many of them audition around the same time so how do I decide which ones to go for?

The frustrating thing about community theatre is that you can’t audition for everything and just see what offers you get.  Not like in New York.  You have to choose carefully so as not to offend anyone.  I have done that here and totally not on purpose.  I hate disappointing people.

I’ve chosen 2 shows (for now) that I’ll definitely audition for; The Fantasticks and Sound of Music.  Honestly, I don’t really love either show but I have good reasons to go out for them:

  • I’m in musical withdrawal
  • My friend is directing one of the shows
  • That same show is close to home
  • My friends have worked with the other director before and loved it
  • The same friends are going out for that show and it would be fun to work with them
  • I need to sing and act.  Now.

Oftentimes theatre is more about the relationships and bonds you form than anything else.  I crave those friendships.  I love working with good directors even if I don’t like the show because the process is fascinating when you get to see their brilliance come to life.

Hopefully I get notice from SS before I go to these auditions.  Last thing I want to do is piss anyone off!

P.S. I need to get some film/tv/commerical auditions!  I’m getting bored.