Cruise ship material?

This past Thursday, I auditioned for Carnival Cruise Lines.
This past Thursday, subsequently, I cried.

I just don’t seem to be cruise ship material.

This was the 5th open call I’ve attended in order to fulfill (one of) my dream(s).
The first was Royal Caribbean. I tried to sing a song way beyond my range and cracked like a 13 year old boy.
The second was Disney. Though it’s not stated on their audition site, an insider tells me I’m too tall and had no chance.
The third was a group called “Stiletto Entertainment” who casts shows for multiple ships. That one went better. I don’t remember what I sung, but I know I didn’t leave feeling like a total failure.
The fourth was Norwegian. I took a trip to NY specifically to audition for them. I was asked to sing a second song, which was a big deal but then told, “thank you,” and I left, with no callbacks or offers.

After the Norwegian audition, I decided I would make an audition tape to send to all the cruise lines.
It’s a pretty fabulous mix of rock, pop and musical theatre (comment if you’d like to see the final product).
I uploaded it to Carnival and sent the rest out in the mail.

Carnival emailed me back and recommended I attend a live audition.
I haven’t heard from anyone else.

So, back to Thursday.
I rented a car and drove to Nashville, TN.
I stayed at a lovely Hampton Inn.
The head of entertainment guy came out to give us some pointers and then the auditions began.
I rocked some “Something to Talk About” and was asked what else I had!
I mentioned “Son of a Preacher Man” and “Flashdance: What a Feeling.”
He asked for the latter and I sung the crap out of it.

He thanked me and handed back my headshot.

So…I wonder whether it’s not my time or it’s just not my thing.
As disappointing as it was, I still have to try and look at the bright side.
It’s what I do.
I’ll assume there’s something else in the works for me.
I’ll assume I should never give up on any of my dreams.

I wouldn’t mind a little guidance, though…


One Response to “Cruise ship material?”

  1. I auditioned for a few cruise ships back in the day. never got a callback either. of course, I was told it was because I was too short to fit the costumes they already had. … except I was auditioning for more like a cabaret act where they just wear a black dress. ’cause you know, i can’t wear my own black dress. or get it altered. 😛

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