Little Mermaid on Broadway

So, Disney is in search of the new Ariel for their Broadway show. They are going to several cities across the country. The closest one for me, unfortunately, is Philadelphia. Now, Philly isn’t inconvenient since both of our parents live outside the city in NJ, however getting there costs money we don’t really have.

What to do? It’s hard to explain how very badly I want to be the Little Mermaid. My closest friends and family know. I’m 2-3 inches too tall for the show in Disney World, so I had ultimately given up on my dream. Broadway, though is different. They can hire anyone, right?

Maybe I’ll start a fund. It’s only about $225 round trip.

UPDATE: a friend has donated miles!  Now it’ll only be $80!!

UPDATE: I’m going!!!


2 Responses to “Little Mermaid on Broadway”

  1. yay! you’re going! kick butt! 🙂

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