December always gets in the way of stuff

It’s been way too long since I’ve updated!  I did stuff that pertains to this blog but never told you all about it.  That’s not nice of me.  People who actually read this might want to know!

Oh.  I chose not to audition for “Sound of Music.”  The theatre is so far away and my friend wasn’t going to be going out for it after all.  Plus, I kinda don’t like the show.  Sorry to all you die hards.

I did, however, audition for the Fantasticks.  That theatre was way closer and a friend of mine is directing it.  I dressed super cute and young and decided to go and rock it.  I got lost on the way.  Then I messed up a song I’m usally pretty awesome at.  Oops.  Thankfully, those involved know I’m  better than that and I got asked to return for callbacks.

I dressed even cuter for callbacks.  It was basically between 3 of us for the only girl role.  2 of us were “old” and married and 1 was super adorable and the actual age of Louisa.  We all gave our best performances and put our own spins on the character.  It was just a matter of who the lead boy would be.

As usual, my height and age doomed me.  The Matt that was chosen was shorter and way younger.  There’s no way I could have looked 16 next to him.  My friend went with the youngest girl for the role, as suspected.  Oh well!

I’m really freakin’ excited for my next audition:
Evil Dead the Musical.
There seriously could not be anything more awesome than that.

Auditions January 10th.
Details later!


5 Responses to “December always gets in the way of stuff”

  1. AHH!! Evil Dead the Musical! Oh man, I really hope you get that one.

  2. Evil Dead THE MUSICAL? That just blew my mind a bit.

  3. Next year I’m going to pass on everything except the 2-hours on Christmas morning – because that’s the magic right there. Everything else is folly. 😉

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