Can you tell me how to get…

…How to get to Sesame Street?

OK!  If I had updated with as many calls I’ve received from Sesame Street then I would have had lots of posts.  I mean lots.  Let’s get on with it already!

On Saturday they called me late in the evening and left a message (I was taking a wonderful bubble bath and missed the call).  It was the lady I had been talking to letting me know that they were ready to offer me the job that “we talked about.”  I tried to call her back but to no avail.  Left a message to tell her I wanted all the details!

Sunday came and went.  We hung some lights!

On Monday morning I got a call from someone ELSE from the company.  A lovely lady.  She proceeded to tell me that they jumped the gun in offering me the Jenny-only job and then explained to me why this was so freakin’ hard.  2 people were previously cast in 50/5o splits for the two roles.  It would be a little mean to come in and make the other girl do both while I get to hang out and let the understudy be Rosita.  If they had originally cast the show that way, this wouldn’t be a problem.

I let her know how uncomfortable I am working in a costume and how I suck at dancing.  She concurred and told me she’d keep figuring it out.  I apologized for making her job so hard and said I’d gladly wait for the final update.

Mrs. Sesame rung me on Tuesday with a final decision.  She let me know that the 50/50 split was the only way.  They wanted be so badly though, that they were willing to make the choreography easier for my abilities.  (Haha…kick ball changes and pas de bourree?) She also talked about helping me adapt to the costume in stages and blah blah blah.  I just let her know that I had an appointment with a foot doctor and that I’d let her know for sure right after.

***BTW, my feet had been hurting for a while but never thought about it until I started waking up in the night in excruciating pain.  I wasn’t expecting her to call me until Thursay, so I felt guilty not disclosing that info from the start.  I honestly thought it was nothing***

By Wednesday afternoon I made my decision to stay in Charlotte, but she wasn’t expecting my call until 5:00 so I waited to call her after the appointment.  In my lovely Doctor’s visit I found out that I had plantar fascititis and thus was given a physical reason on top of my emotional reasons to not do the tour.  I felt badly saying “no,” but as one of the women at my agency said, “It’s a fine art; but really easy once you start…”

I hope so.

Well, I guess you don’t need to tell me how to get to Sesame Street after all.  I might be blacklisted 🙂


2 Responses to “Can you tell me how to get…”

  1. Omigosh, hope you’re okay! Or will be okay at least. I have foot pain too but it’s usually only after hours of carrying heavy plates and food for a reception in my off season. I hope I don’t have that!

  2. ah! hope your foot feels better soon! be healed in the Name of Jesus!

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